Dirk Deimeke

Dirk Deimeke

Pragmatic Systems Administrator, Aikidoka and Taskwarrior, Community addict

Virtual / net life

E-Mail: dirk@deimeke.net

Blogging: (German) Dirks Logbuch

Social Networking: Twitter and GNUsocial
(simply search for "ddeimeke" in any social network or take a look here)

FLOSS contribution: Taskwarrior, Serendipity, Alpine Perl Workshop 2016 and Talks and Workshops

"Real" Life

Address: Grüningerstrasse 33 - 8624 Grüt (Gossau ZH) - Switzerland

Mobile: +41 78 956 91 14

Work: Senior Unix System Engineer at Bank Vontobel AG

Own business: My own IT

Resume: Curriculum Vitae

Book: (German) Linux-Server - Das umfassende Handbuch (3rd Edition)

Memberships: Linux Foundation, Fellow of Free Software Foundation Europe

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And the rest

Attitude towards life: Ubuntu Philosophy - Ubuntu Philosophie
(unfortunately nothing to do anymore with the operating system)

Attitude towards work: System Administrators' Code of Ethics

Other ways to reach me: Contact

About me: Über mich or Dirk Deimeke - Adminstories (both German)

Born 1968, Human being, Married, Two dogs, One Horse, Blogger, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, Taskwarrior, Aikidoka, Linux Penguin, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Technical Architect, Technical Solution Engineer, Open Source Contributor, Community addict

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